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10 Reasons Why We Stopped Watching Glee

10 Reasons Why We Stopped Watching Glee

Here's a rather knowing slide show of the top 10 reasons Glee lost its tight harmonies. (Click "Next" to go to the next reason, obviously.)

Among the main excuses:

Recycled story lines.

Too many characters, too many subplots.

Kitty. ("There's nothing redeeming about her.")

And the main one:

"Everyone's having a pity party. There's no more glee in Glee.

"Finn is despondent about losing Rachel, Marley has an eating disorder, Ryder has dyslexia, Tina bawled over her unrequited love for Blaine (Um, he's GAY), Emma was a hot OCD mess trying to plan her wedding, and Sam can't afford college."

Otherwise, it's really fun!!!

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