130 Reasons Why Radio Won't Play Your Song

Music biz insider Eric Alper has compiled just such a list, drawing upon the kazillions of excuses why musicians tend to hear a sour note of rejection again and again.

1. Not for us or our sound 2. No room 3. No label support 4. I want to give record the best shot, so we will have to wait till when we have more room 5. There are no local sales 6. There is national action 7. Considering... 8. I'm watching and waiting 9. It's the wrong image 10. It's not modal 11. I need another copy 12. Poor reaction from test marketing it 13. The jocks don't like it 14. No phone reaction 15. We played the import 16. We're going to wait and see what the competition does 17. Will wait for the single 18. The record's not in any kind of stores around here 19. Need approval from head office 20. I like it but the P.D. doesn't 21. It was vetoed in the music meeting 22. Too hard 23. Too soft 24. It's wimpy 25. Not as good as their last release 26. It needs to be re-listened to 27. It sounds too EDM-ish 28. It sounds too pop 29. We didn't get the co-promotion 30. Trade #'s don't merit airplay 31. Sounds like everything else 32. It's not a good record 33. I don't like it 34. The MP3 file wouldn't play 35. The music file crashed my computer 36. We only play stuff that "rocks" 37. Saving room for when new releases get scheduled 38. Going into the library 39. We already have a female-fronted band on the playlist 40. We want to hear a hook 41. No tip sheet advertising 42. Nothing about it hits me 43. Don't like the mix 44. Not enough guitar 45. Too many strings 46. Over-produced 47. Under-produced 48. Don't like the band's name 49. This song is not consistent with their last release 50. Our listeners won't be able to relate 51. Too rhythm oriented 52. Send all our jocks copies 53. Can't play too many singles 54. That music only works in the big markets 55. We'll wait till more stations play it 56. Not our kind of music 57. Too alternative 58. Not alternative enough 59. Where's the beat...the BEAT! 60. I've misplaced it, but its here somewhere, call me back 61. Our competition got on it first, we have to be different 62. I don't like the cover 63. We didn't get a co-presents on their last show 64. Too many vulgar words 65. We're going for a younger demo 66. We're going for an older demo 67. We don't have an MD right now 68. We're not the right station for this 69. The chorus comes in late 70. The intro is too long 71. We have too many song by the featured artist in rotation 72. There's no release date 73. We missed the release date 74. No radio edit 75. I don't like the radio edit 76. No campus radio promotion 77. Let's talk when the tour starts 78. The .wav file was block because of the size 79. The YouSendIt file was blocked by my spam filters 80. There's no story happening 81. They're overexposed 82. I'm still waiting on feedback 83. Too much CanCon right now 84. Too much International right now 85. It sounds like something my mom would hate 86. We never received your submission 87. I don't agree with the political view 88. We'll play the song next week (they didn't) 89. I'm watching the charts, it's not very impressive 90. I'm waiting the charts, it's pretty impressive 91. Their set at CMJ/SXSW/NXNE/CMW was way too long 92. It's too country (from a country station) 93. It sounds like karaoke 94. We're playing too many covers now 95. We love the song and band but have no room 96. The intro is too long 97. The chorus is too long 98. You know what? The whole song is too long (with Stairway To Heaven playing in background) 99. I'll listen, but no promises 100. We should be playing this song but haven't played the artist for years 101. I know this doesn't help but your band has no relevance 102. I can't take this band seriously until they sell 100,000 103. What are you going to do for ME? 104. Let's face it, would you be working this song if you weren't being paid? 105. We can't play this. He's/She's way off-key in the chorus 106. Too much rap in the middle 107. The stations on BDS aren't on it 108. There's only one original member left 109. Didn't the lead singer die?...oh...I thought they broke up 110. They're only big in the east 111. They're only big in the west 112. They're only big in the north 113. I don't care if they're big down south 114. You sent us the wrong promo cds 115. We only play established acts 116. Why should I play a band that sounds LIKE Led Zeppelin when I can PLAY Led Zeppelin 117. Their website hasn't been update in a year 118. It sounds like their last song 119. It sounds so different from their last song 120. We get no calls 121. Ever since they cut their hair.... 122. I'm having trouble with DMDS 123. I can't find my PD. Can you help me find my PD? 124. We're a talk radio station 125. Sounds too 'Active Rock' for us 126. Sounds too Hot AC for us 127. Sounds too 'Modern Rock' for us (this, and the above 2 were all the same song!) 128. They don't sound as good as they do live 129. They suck live 130. It sounds like something my mom would hate

Enough! This list is getting cacophonous, and if I had a radio station, I would never even dream of playing it!

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