A Comeback For Paris Hilton

Golden-chunked socialite Paris Hilton, who helped us get through 2008, has become a bit fame challenged since the country became too busy picking food out of garbage cans to enrapture itself much with the glam shopping sprees and moxieish manhunts of a poor little rich girl. But she's coming back this summer when MTV airs Paris, Not France, a documentary about her that's already played festivals, partly thanks to the inclusion of renowned commentators like...ME! Check out this trailer for the film and wait it out till the 2:22 mark and there I will be, spouting some insightful homily or other.

Yes, I've made mad fun of Paris for years because she's wacky and mockable, but I do agree with this film's thesis that as a mistress of many media, she is actually the opposite of dumb. And now that we've found the epitome of idiocy in Carrie Prejean, Paris is looking all the more transcendantly brilliant. And she loves the gays!

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