A David Bowie Jazz Duet?

A David Bowie Jazz Duet?

No, not with Iman.

It would be with feisty singer/actor Lea DeLaria, who exploded out of comedy and surprised some people with her award-winning jazz stylings.

Lea is doing an album called House of David with material she's already tried out in concert.

She'll be recording jazz versions of Bowie standards like "Suffragette City," "Boys Keep Swinging," "Life on Mars," and "Jean Genie" (which, in her hands, has an acid-jazz feel to it).

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And she told me she wants to duet with Bowie himself on "Space Oddity."

I can't think of anything that would send me to Mars more quickly.

It would be -- to coin a phrase -- Hunky Dory.

Lea's people have been in touch with David's people and one hopes the whole thing will happen, the faster, the better.

After all, it's old enough yet new enough yet different enough to not be too self-reverential.

And before the next farewell tour, it would be nice to get some jazz in the can.

Ground control to Major Dave:

Please do it!

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