A Downton Abbey Character Will Die

A Downton Abbey Character Will Die

The producer herself has admitted it.

And the kids at DataLounge.com are going nuts trying to figure who it will be.

Among the guesses:

"I predict it will be Maggie Smith -- from over-chewing the scenery."

"Maggie would be too predictable. And she brings too much to the show to get rid of her, unless she absolutely refuses to do it or unless her health prevents her from continuing. I predict one of the servants."

"Oh, please, oh please, let it be Lady Edith. If not, then kill off Mrs. Patmore. I've grown tired of her harping."

"I really don't like Thomas much, of course. But he is the only major gay character. Even if he really was more asexual in Season 2. I predict the one offed will be Carson."

Well, news flash: It won't be Maggie Smith because the producer talks about the wonderful scenes between she and Shirley MacLaine.

Of course, that might just be early in the season ...

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