A Handy Tip About Eating Peeps

A Handy Tip About Eating Peeps

There's no one alive who doesn't adore Peeps, those diabolically popular marshmallow treats that come shaped like candy-colored trees, ghosts, and other holiday-related objets, depending on the time of the year. (For Easter, they're bunnies that seem to multiply in my stomach. Yum.)

But here's the thing: While peeps are always culinary perfection, they can actually be more perfect if they're a little bit hard, like so very many other edible delights, ba-dum-pum.

To achieve this effect, simply puncture a hole in the plastic of your Peeps package, leave it out for a few days, and if the rats don't get at them, you'll have a marvelously hardened confection for your tum-tum, all for a matter of pennies.

If you somehow don't feel this information deserved an entire posting, you clearly have a serious problem.

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