A Musto Sandwich With Transsexual Bread

Photo by jamesmithimage.com
Photo by jamesmithimage.com

I was flanked by these two lovelies, Spicky Hilton and Digna Shei, at the Tranny Strip anniversary bash at Evolve the other night.

Add some hot sauce and you've basically got Three's Company for the Cloud Atlas generation.

And while we're serving, here's a preview shot of my appearance on Glenn Payne's Kiki Kitchen.

The Splenda brown sugar biscuits with peanut butter and coconut flour were divoon--and low on carbs!

A Musto Sandwich With Transsexual Bread

So now we have a sandwich and some biscuits.

For an extra dessert, I shot Sherry Vine's She's Living For This show for Here TV yesterday, with special guests Pandora Boxx and David Ilku.

You'll be living for this when it airs in January.

End of meal.


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