A Song For Hurricane Sandy

A Song For Hurricane Sandy

It's called "Sandy" and it goes something like this:

"Fifi, that ain't a name for this mutt So how about Champion? Champion you're anything but

"We could call him Tiger, but there's no bite in him Tiger! Kittens would frighten him Rover! When you think it over. Rover is the perfect name for this dumb lookin' dog

"Sandy, Sandy's his name if you please If you don't believe me, ask any one of the fleas Residing on Sandy

"True, he ain't pedigreed, Sandy, there ain't no better breed. And he comes in really handy. 'Specially when you're all alone in the night And you're small and terribly frightened it's Sandy, Sandy who'll always be there!"

All right, I didn't actually write that.

It was written for the movie of Annie about the bug-eyed moppet and her dog, Sandy.

But some of it actually applies to the current situation, no? (Except for the affectionate parts.)

And another confession: The above photo is from the Australian stage production, which didn't use that song at all; like I said, it was written for the 1982 movie.

But otherwise, didn't I write an incredibly apt and witty song about this horrid hurricane?

Oh, and I wrote another one too, about how to get through this mess:

"Tomorrow, tomorrow..."

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