A Very Chinatown Thanksgiving

A Very Chinatown Thanksgiving

Were not afraid to say it: The Thanksgiving turkey, despite our childlike love for tradition and our deep, deep fear of change, is not exactly thrilling. If you feel the same and dont want to cook it yourself, you might head to Roasted Delights, a small restaurant in Chinatown specializing in—yes—roasted delights. To celebrate that wonderful party the pilgrims and the Indians had so long ago, they offer brown, crisp-skinned turkeys, cooked just like they do chicken and duck.

This Wednesday and Thursday, you can walk in and pick one up. At other times, one must order ahead. Many other Chinese restaurants offer turkeys, as well. (We've seen several similar signs in Flushing, particularly.) So if you have a favorite, call and ask. And report back to us!

Roasted Delights 5 Catherine Street (212) 966-6554

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