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Adam Lambert Got Peed on in Public!

Adam Lambert Got Peed on in Public!

He's already been crapped on (by this very blog, in fact--though I did it with love) and yesterday it was reported on various sites that Adam Lambert was urinated on in front of a paying audience!

The controversial singer was sitting in the front row at the downtown club the Box when a tranny performer onstage let forth a spray of wee-wee which hit him and no doubt mussed up his frosted makeup and luxurious, shiny hair.

It turned out it wasn't real pee--probably something like Gatorade, which they used in those old 550-PEEE commercials, as only my own inquisitive mind happens to know.

But whatever it was, Adam was gracious about the whole thing--he's a real (water) sport--and he even tweeted that the wet and wild incident was rather amusing to him, a real taste, as it were, of New York nightlife.

But he still won't talk about the March on Washington!

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