All About the Hamiltons: Fringe Edition

All about him

As I'll be at the Fringe day and night Friday through Monday and packed lunches tend to wilt in the heat, I'll be eating out a fair amount. As most of the theaters I'm going to are in and around Bleecker St. I figure I'll visit Two Boots and Risotteria. But I would love love love to hear anyone's suggestions for cheap, delicious, and not shockingly unhealthy meals for under $10 in that area. And what are your favorites around CSV? Is that grilled cheese place still there? Please advise! Also, what Fringe shows will you be seeing? I'll be missing my little sister's show, Champ: A Space Opera, as I'll be in L.A., so you all go in my stead and clap extra hard for the blonde. Check out an image after the jump...

Champ: Break a leg, sis

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