Alt's Hottest New Starlet!

What makes an "alternative" porn star? In music, it's easy: you just need to have played rock in the '90s. Maybe in 2016, when all sex has to be shot with the women in burkas, per order of Supreme World Ruler Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, we'll look back at this era and say it's simply the black hair and tattoos. Joanna Angel (pic), Supreme World Ruler of both sides of alt porn's camera, shoots in Williamsburg, works with Eon McKai, and uses Rancid songs (see sentence two) in her soundtracks. The blond bimbos of the industry are often invoked in the same breath as the term "alt porn"--as in, "alt porn girls aren't the usual blond bimbos"--but really, while Jenna Jameson may be the current pop-culture porn ideal, that doesn't automatically make her the porn-culture ideal. She is famous because she resonates with the household-namer mainstream--a mainstream assumes that porn stars are fake-titted blonds, when in fact, I can tell you that there are no more blonds in porn, bottled or otherwise, than there are in your local high school. One of the truly neat things about the industry is that, while it favors in the broadest sense conventionally attractive women, it is representative of all types, because men are interested in all types.

Riley Mason (rare pic), who appears in the conventionally good All Teens (Digital Sin), has also appeared in Eon McKai's Neu Wave Hookers, which I suppose counts for alt cred. Now. When I say alt, you say porn--wait, what I meant was, when I say alt, I mean a woman who is more likely to have staked her mall turf over by the Hot Topic than American Eagle Outfitters. Riley Mason has black hair but no tattoos that I noticed, and her tits are real (and fantastic, I might add). I guarantee dozens of men have masturbated to this scene who have know idea what Hot Topic is, or the Screaming Trees for that matter. If a guy splurts to a chick without knowing she's an altie, does it make a sound? Or rather, is she still an altie? Katrina Kraven (pic) is a textbook altie with the career of a bimbo, all due respect. If she bleached her hair, she'd simply be left with as many tattoos as the next starlet, and then what? Would your Pearl Jam loving Williamsburg roommate's dick explode, his porn dissent having been commodified? All Teens features plenty of other talents:

Emma Red; Jeanie Marie Sullivan (pic); Kelsey Michaels (pic); Savannah Stern (unflattering pic; "Breezy." If we took them to Urban Outfitters--as, in fact, someone seems to have done with with Kelsey Michaels, unless that's a pic of someone else--will they too fit in an Eon McKai flick? The answer is probably. But they still wouldn't be as smoking as Riley Mason, who many porn viewers may recognize as a teen they might see at the mall without having the faintest notion she's picked a favorite store.

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