Andrew Sullivan Says The Husband He Met At The Black Party Has Calmed Him

According to a profile in M magazine, Andrew Sullivan admits that when he was diagnosed with HIV in 1993, he couldn't get a date.

But some time later, he met Aaron Tone at the Black Party--the annual drugs-and-sex-fueled debauch--at three in the morning.

They've been together for nine years and have been married for five. And I never see them hanging from the walls of the Black Party anymore, lol.

"I'm definitely mellower now than I used to be," says Sullivan in the interview by Erik Maza. "And I absolutely know that Aaron's had that effect on me. He's made me much more emotionally rigid, calmer."

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The profile points out that this is a far cry from the days when Sullivan trolled the Internet for unprotected sex under the handle RawMuscleGlutes.

Today, their idea of cheating--we learn--is when they watch the Daily Show separately.

Wild stuff!

By the way, Aaron Tone is described as a bearded guy who has some acting credits like Bear City 2

Big deal. I was in Bear City 1!

Anyway, congrats to Sullivan for finding the right Tone.

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