Angela Lansbury On Rupert Everett's Facelift

Yes, Rupert Everett occasionally says some silly things--like his remarks about gay parenting, which exploded just the other day--but as I noted before, he's usually witty and quite observant.

In his new memoir, Rupert talks about appearing in the Broadway revival of Blithe Spirit with Angela Lansbury three years ago.

Backstage at one point, Angela had some fun with Rupie.

Here's what Everett wrote:

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" 'I've just seen a picture of your latest facelift', teased Angela, waving a gossip rag that features a double-page before-and-after spread.

'Don't!' I groan.

An editor has published a bloated mugshot of my so-called botched facelift.

'Well, at least they're talking about you', says Angela."

This anecdote is not meant bitchily, by the way. He liked her a lot.

He said "she has the eyes of an owl and the tenacity of a mountain goat."

And if she's had any work done, it looks great.

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