Angela Lansbury Sensually Bumps Her Pelvis

I think of Angela Lansbury as a lot of things--talented, charming, accomplished--but wildly sexual is not usually one of them.

But below, thanks to the kids at All That Chat, are the highlights from an '80s video she did to promote sexuality after menopause.

It was sort of the original Hope Springs.

"I think femininity and sexuality go hand and hand," says Big Angie as she bumps her crotch, lays on her back and stretches, and luxuriates in a bubble bath, clearly getting the right kind of hot flashes.

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This clip is really an eye opener, with Angela going on and on about female sexuality as the camera glides up and down her gyrating form.

Who knew Jessica Fletcher was such a big supporter of getting a piece after 50?

But there's a proviso, of course.

"If this makes you dizzy," coos the future teapot, "stop."

The same goes for watching the video.

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