Angelina Will Play Cleopatra!

Claudette Colbert was divine as Cleopatra in 1934, but nothing can top Liz Taylor wearing '60s style togas and makeup, croaking "Caesar, what's boinin'?"

Seriously, La Liz was amazing--and well worth lifting--even if all the on-set gossip and hoopla surrounding her and Richard Burton tended to obscure the film's merits at the time.

Well, now, it's been announced that Angelina Jolie will be the next Cleo, possibly with Brad as Marc Anthony.

This is perfect, not only because Angelina/Brad/Jennifer were a modern day parallel to Liz/Eddie/Debbie, but because Angie has the sultry allure and fire for the part and will look really good in those outfits.

I just hope she doesn't re-use her weird accent from Alexander.

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