Anna Wintour Vs. Clubland

Vogue editor Anna Wintour is battling restaurateur Serge Becker in his bold attempt to open the Jamaican eatery Miss Lily's in her uppity neighborhood.

Wintour feels Becker's places attract the wrong kind of people.

As a noted authority on the wrong kind of people, I'm quoted in today's New York Post article by Carla Spartos about this seething culture war.

I point out that Becker's places have generally not been Wintour's style.

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"I certainly don't picture her sitting in the front row at the Box," I say, "being splashed by a transsexual performer.

"And I've never spotted her at Beige, the Tuesday night gay party at B Bar."

Well, we need to change all that. Anna, meet me at the Box -- and wear a Prada raincoat!

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