Anonymous Sex In Steam Rooms: An Inside Report

Anonymous Sex In Steam Rooms: An Inside Report

This just came in from reader Jason Wise.

Stretch. That's what 9 out of 10 personal trainers will tell you to do after a good workout. And somewhere warm.

I'm a dancer, which means aside from stretching AFTER a work out, I have been scarred into stretching BEFORE a work out, in fear of getting injured and putting myself out of commission.

After checking in at the front desk of an Upper West Side NYSC, I made a bee line for the Men's locker room. As I unzipped my hoodie and took my shoes off, I wrapped a towel around me proceeding past the bathroom, past the showers and into the Men's Steam Room. The perfect place to warm up.

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Or so I thought. As I opened the door, I found a muscle jock bent over with his head in an old man's lap. And I mean old.

The younger man jumped higher than a launched space shuttle, meandered for a moment and then pushed the door open before peacing out. It gets better. As I stood there (just a little taken aback), the Grandpa grabbed his package and continued massaging himself through his towel, staring at me directly in the face, I'm guessing in hopes I'd "finish him off".

I threw my clothes back on, ran upstairs & complained to the employee scanning members in. The nonchalant "not again" look on his face told me all I needed to know. They are aware. I went out to the sidewalk and lit up a cigarette. As I watched the employee through the window, I was beside myself to find that he did not leave his post to check things out downstairs, nor did he tell a manager. My complaint had the same weight as if I had said "Have a nice day".

As the week went on & I told friends about this, I found that it is a well known, understood, and enjoyed underground world.

"I wacked it with a married man this morning, and no, I don't know his name" one dancer friend said. "No words are spoken, it's an eye contact thing." He continued. "It's so f***ing hot. Sometimes we get a guy to be a look-out. Usually a less attractive or overweight man who is willing to watch the door in return for getting to be in the room when 4 or 5 hot guys go at it".

I learned it's not just New York Sports Clubs who deal with this brand of city-style fitness. Do the ritzier, "higher-class" gyms have a better handle on this? A former Equinox employee, where memberships are significantly higher said, "It's a flawed system. Rarely were they actually caught. By the time a manager was sent in the people were usually done, gone, or stopped before they got there. I mean we've all seen it happen, and it's hilarious".

"It seems that's what most of them come there to do" the Equinox employee I spoke to, who worked at the Greenwich Avenue location, went on. "I always enjoyed seeing men check in, go into the locker room only to emerge some 45 minutes later red in the face, never having made it to the gym floor." He added, "Once, the building lost power. They evacuated the gym for safety reasons. When my manager went back in to make sure the building was clear he stumbled upon 3 guys fucking in the steam room."

If you think about it, $79/month is a cheap price to pay for anonymous sex. If the club was to shut down their outlet for that, what would happen? A buddy who is a former employee guessed that corporate looks past the complaints in fear of losing thousands of dollars in income from monthly memberships if they were to shut down the Sauna and Steam Rooms.

My Equinox spiller said, "On the upside, when people are actually caught, their memberships are permanently terminated. And they do get caught".

So the big question to end with. What's happening across the hall in the women's locker room?

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