B---f---ed by a B---k Man!

You're wondering: Buttfucked by a Book Man? Sorry, library nerds--it's Black Man. B-l-a-c-k. But you raise an interesting question. In this day and age, what purpose does interracial serve? Who is it for? Porn is primarily made up of niches, and niches within niches, and though at heart it's pretty broad--showing, ultimately, nothing more than people (and the occasional horse, or dog) fucking--it confounds easy dissection. Anything you say about one movie's niche is subject to the implications of whatever other niches are encompassed by that movie. And you've still got to sort the baggage introduced by the actors themselves--if you can negotiate the complex problem that is the practice of porn in the first place. (And by practice, I don't mean the kind you're getting, John Q. Viewer.)

Anyway, it's all Greek to me. Just thought I'd mention it. Whoever Buttfucked by a Black Man (Red Light District) is intended for--black men fantasizing about white women, non-black men fantasizing about black men fantasizing about and then actually fucking white women, anal fans who believe black guys have bigger dicks, people interested in the contemporary dynamics of race and gender in America--it's really rather good. Even the jazzy soundtrack worked for me. And despite its fraught premise, the movie probably won't inspire anyone to hurl stones at an embassy. The race thing didn't much factor in for me (I wouldn't align myself with any of the stereotypes mentioned above). Though the guys--unfussy, frequently funny, long-dicked, and not at all creepy--I liked. (When asked by an actress whether or not he enjoyed getting his dicked sucked, one of them simply erupted into throaty laughter.)

Leah Luv (pic), who has taken her schoolgirl-with-braces shtick further up the career ladder than most, contributes the most gripping scene, narratively speaking. It opens with her, still in street clothes (as in streetwalker: denim hotpants, teensy tits under skin-tight top), standing in the bathroom. As she changes into her pink outfit--showing off her heart-shaped pubes along the way--she tells us this is her first anal and promises some finger-and-dildo prep action. Interestingly, she repeatedly asks if we want to see he get fucked, not by a black man, but by a “fat black cock,” articulating it just awkwardly enough for her apparent reluctance to stand out. While she's a little too cutesy during the interview, the sex comes off splendidly, with plenty of solo warm-up, a vigorous BJ, intense, long-form anal, and even some poignant hand-holding.

Elsewhere, the niceties were apparently edited out--every other starlet takes it in the ass all the way, right away, as if it didn't take some work to open them up. The sporty Georgia X, more porn-staresque Trina Michaels (pics), and just-right Bianca Pureheart (pic) keep things quick and hot. But the standout has to be Frenchy, a delightfully sunny and large-breasted 19-year-old who claims she performs in her high school choir and that her tits are still growing (“Getting bigger everyday!”). She helms the one MMF scene, and her partners heap praise as well as cum on her, saying “That's so cute!” when she licks one of their stomachs, and “You do that better than I do!” when she jerks both of their fat black cocks. By the time they rolled out the DP, I felt like I'd made three new friends.

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