B---f---ed by a White Man!

Last post I artlessly sidestepped the question of what it means that some people want to watch black dicks spear white chicks' pink buttholes. I'll spare you all that as we consider Straight A's (Sin City), where white dudes poke white ladies' brown eyes, by which I mean pink buttholes. But first I've got to point out that whatever the problematic issues pertaining to interracial--or, in the case of Straight A's, simply "racial"--porn may be, there's another, more confounding world of arousal that shadows our banal prejudices. I'm speaking, of course, about depictions of human-extraterrestrial --interspacial, if you will--sex. And these aren't just any extraterrestrials, but E.T. himself. Only yesterday my lovely and apparently deeply warped girlfriend instant messaged me the link to this, explaining that it "kind of" turned her on. Some might question my being turned on by the idea of an adult Drew Barrymore outside on a cold day, but E.T.? Take that guy back to your place and he'll suddenly want to phone home to his mother unit, for heaven's sake. The whole thing seems even sicker when you consider that he's doing the human "doggystyle," as if also mocking mankind's best friend. (Of course, my spiritual adviser tells me the white-knuckled rage E.T. inspires in me derives from Oedipal impulses, seeing as how aliens introduced intelligent life to earth in the first place. He says the penis binding should help.)

The credits snarkily reveal that this movie was "not graded on a curve"; meanwhile, Haley Scott (pic) tells us that "pussy is overrated." Honey, Crash is overrated. Pussy is like the weather--you go into it once a day or more if possible. Also, sometimes it's wet. Anyway, in keeping with the educational theme, Haley and her crimson-faced companion play a counting game: How Many Fingers Are in Your Ass? She probably wishes this test had been on a curve, having guessed three when it's in fact four. Remember the SAT's--just because a question is multiple choice doesn't make it easy. She also loses points for merely sucking asscheek when called upon to toss salad, though this owes to the angle and not a lack of enthusiasm.

For our purposes, Rachel Luv, a svelte black-banged youngster, fits the stereotype of the gorgeous and passive princess, although it speaks to this movie's strengths that she's folded neatly in half and given it good and deep--and then put to work. Sophia (pic) passes her orals and anals, but unsurprisingly it's Gia Jordan (pic) who aces her rectal exam, finishing the scene with a flourish, upside-down, holding her plumbing open and taking a large load into it, then scooping the cum into her mouth as if taking slippery gruel from a tiny (but not that tiny) bowl. Tyla Wynn (pic) hardly matches her, though Wynn aggressively takes two guys (one a true dickhead). Lucky for everyone, I'm guessing there will be a retest.

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