Backstreet Boys Movie: Ain't Nothing But a Mistake

Backstreet Boys Movie: Ain't Nothing But a Mistake

Finally, the Jeanne Tanzy Williams story is ready to made into a movie! Jeanne Tanzy what? Well, the lady says that as the manager of young A.J. McLean, she was instrumental in launching the Backstreet Boys along with sleazebucket Louis J. Pearlman, so she's going Hollywood with her torrid tale. "It's current working title," she blogs, "is The Williams/Pearlman Story." Can't miss with a blockbuster title like that! Williams wants the inevitable Philip Seymour Hoffman to play Pearlman and she's currently looking for performers to play the roles of the Boys, 'N Sync, LFO, O-Town, and Innocence—but mainly she's looking for investors.

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