Bad After-Sex Etiquette Alert!

A lot of guys have it!

Even straight guys!

According to a new book called The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags:

"How a guy treats you right after sex can be just as important as how he treats you during it.

"Turning on SportsCenter, checking his e-mail, or simply saying something irrelevant, like 'I think I'm going to buy a water purifier,' after he was just inside you, is off-putting to say the least."

It's so true!

The moments immediately after sex are a sensitive time, a delicate window of opportunity during which all that acceptance should not suddenly turn into devastating rejection. Just because you came doesn't mean you can emotionally go!

The book even quotes a woman who remembers:

"'When it was time for bed, whether we'd been fighting or just had sex, my ex would stuff a pillow between us so that I couldn't touch him during the night.'"

Eek! Red flag? That's more like a banner filling the sky.

I'm staying solo, thank you.

Especially since most people don't like it when I postcoitally roll over and put the pillow on my head.

Anyone have their own bad after-sex etiquette stories to share?

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