Barbra Streisand And Diana Ross To Duet!

That's the rumor coming down the turnpike, insiders swearing that for Miss Ross's next album, the very white Diana Krall will produce a back-and-forth number featuring the Motown superstar and the Oscar winning Jewess. And gays of a certain age are wetting their pink panties!

One can only hope this will be a relatively feisty matchup, like "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)"--Barbra's '70s duet with Donna Summer--as opposed to a drippy duo like Diana's "Endless Love" with creepy Lionel Richie. (God, how gay am I?)

Will Diana's honey-laden vocals mix well with the Babs bombast? Do they both still have the vocal power to make this a Thrilla in Manila as opposed to an old-lady version of a Britney/Justin danceoff?

More importantly, which of the two will be the bigger needy, demanding diva? Will this be the scariest showdown since Alien vs. Predator--or more accurately since Streisand and Donna Summer?

My money's on my girl Diana. But don't tell that the other gorgon.

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