Barbra Streisand's Passion for a Bargain!

My idol, Barbra Streisand, has that new book out, My Passion for Design, which is summed up by the first quote on the jacket:

"My whole life, in a sense, has been a search for beauty."

And for a good price!

Practical Barbra doesn't throw money away on just any old coffee table, nail file, or poncho.

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And she's always known how to conserve -- her voice, her fans, and mostly her cash.

I was at the legendary Serendipity3 restaurant yesterday for lunch when the owner, Stephen Bruce, told me that in the 1970s he designed a silk brocade dress for Barbra.

The superstar wondered if there was any fabric left over because she'd love to turn it into a turban rather than waste it.

"Yes," he informed her. "About a yard and a half."

"How much?" she wondered.

"$45 a yard," he informed her.


"Can you do better?"

Love the woman! She needs to redo one of her early hits as "Sam, You Made the Pants Too Expensive."

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