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Most Fascinating, 2005: Camilla Parker Bowles

Next Wednesday is Barbara Walter's annual 10 Most Fascinating People, and as we know, Babs Sr. is never wrong. A list of who can sit at the cool table this year: retired baldy Andre Agassi, geek-to-hunk Patrick "Can Buy a New Career" Dempsey, the widow of Steve Irwin (your check from South Park's in the mail, hon), and Vogue ed-in-chief Anna Wintour, from whose antechambers a million talentless and conniving assistants bloom. Cheers.

Wa-wa's never wrong, particularly when it comes to whom we think about even a year or two past. On 2005's most fascinating list: Camilla Parker Bowles. On 2004's: Usher and Ken Jennings.

Jennings who?

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