Barracuda Duo Opening a New Bar in HK

Bob Pontarelli and Stephen Heighton, who brought you the indestructible Barracuda bar in Chelsea as well as the same nabe's Elmo restaurant for gay meat loaf, are opening a whole new wowapalooza this fall.

It's called Industry Bar, at 355 West 52nd Street, and the successful duo are promising that the "raw, sexy space" will be turned into something so innovative you'll forget it was a parking garage.

Says Pontarelli: "We've drawn on some of the best parts of everything we ever done and then added a twist. It has all led up to this."

Adds Heighton: "The size of the space was instantly appealing. We've kept the natural feel of the space, which is very masculine and has a lot of elements from the machine age.

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"There is an inherent cool factor in the space that you would find in the clubs of Berlin or Barcelona."

Will you go? Is it masculine enough for you?

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