Beginners Fuck!

Most of us will never hire a prostitute, get a happy-ending massage, or give a reach-around to a spider monkey while reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance.” But many of will enjoy pornography, and some will even masturbate to it. Which is why, on this Sunday afternoon, I'd like to pause and reflect on the underacknowledged role that porno plays in our lives. It is a dirty thing, and in this day and age, incredibly convenient. New Releases # 3 should remind anyone who watch it just how lucky we are to have it. Would a stunner like Ria Lynn (pic) even speak to us in a bar? Does it matter, seeing as how she'll fondle her small, pierced nipples at the command of a man working on our behalf, then lay back, close her eyes, open her mouth, and take an at-the-ready penis down her throat only to smile broadly, mouth thick with dripping saliva? To meet Georgia Peach (pic; Georgia's on the left) would be to have one's stale notion of the cute, untouchable southern belle reinforced; to view her slathered in makeup, pulling apart her ass cheeks, is to have the oneness of humanity suffuse your body and stiffen your cock. All of these women--Aleia Tyler; Kaiya Lynn (pic); Lexi Love (pic); Nikki Hilton; Tiffany Taylor (pic)--tell a story that has no words, but a narrative spelled out in the very blood rushing from our brains to engorge the primal drive embedded in the tangle of filthy little hopes and towering cultural constructs that ineluctably bind us together. They carry us to place we do not truly know, but that somehow feels like home. God bless you, newbies.

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