Bestial Lust!

Searching for a photo of Ice La Fox, I came across a shot of her with an animal, probably not a beloved pet (and not a fox either, incidentally)--this creature was doing something far worse than merely relieving itself in her bed. Though there are parallels. Normally I wouldn't mention the irrelevant, potentially embarrassing professional engagements of an actress--I certainly hope the word doesn't get out that I've written for Ranger Rick--but it suddenly became clear to me: Compared to that gag I mean gig, Ms. La Fox's appearance on Frank Wank Volume 6 (JM) must've seemed like a walk in the park. (An uneventful one, I'm saying, far from the dog run.) See, up until I saw that picture, I was wondering how one could face this Wank character, a shady man-with-a-cam type who wears a leopard-print pimp outfit and play bling, then refers to the starlets he fucks and pretends are amateurs as "stupid turds" on the cover of his DVD. It's not just the leopard print she needed to get past--it's that this beastly boy clearly wishes he were a frat boy dressing up as Kid Rock for Halloween.

But as always, my prejudices can't stand up to the sure and simple logic of porn--my prejudices against what women choose to do, that is. The guy's clearly a douchebag. Jasmine Byrne, Lacie Heart, and Jenna Presley basically humor the dude's fake casting couch bullshit for a scene that's probably easier than any they did that week--and that I actually found appealing in it's way. Sometimes the first person camera just clicks: how wonderfully bulbous and tangible an ass can look as it's dropped into a lap in the foreground, the voyeuristic thrill of a view from a tripod, the (dare I say) identification with the guy who's clearly in this to finger his favorite porn star. And then there's the great Dana Vespoli, who despite--or more likely because--of it all has a great time, telling Frank how much she loves to be fingered, in fact moaning on the stool, coffee cup in hand, as he digitally penetrates her. Pure animal lust--it is what it is.

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