Bitch Fight At Warhol Birthday Party

At the birthday party for late, great Pop artist Andy Warhol at the Gershwin Hotel the other night, Gerry Visco took the stage to sing the Nico classic "I'll Be Your Mirror."

Toward the end of the performance, self-possessed Warhol relic Ivy Nicholson -- who used to call me and leave six-hour messages on the machine -- sloppily approached Visco to serve up all kinds of epithets, most notably "bitch".

Visco took the high road and said, "I love you," and, "I agree, Nico would have done a better job," thereby averting any bigger unpleasantness.

The incident was uncomfortable, but it lasted way shorter than 15 minutes and, hey, Andy would have loved it.

Here's Nico's version, by the way:

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