"Butt Chugging" Is Sweeping The Nation

"Butt Chugging" Is Sweeping The Nation

So I learned from Justin Sayre, the raconteur who does a live, gay variety show called The Meeting.

At last night's show at the Duplex, Sayre explained that "butt chugging" involves shoving an alcohol-drenched rag up someone's orifice.


More often, it's a tube or a hose, but a rag works too. This back-door approach gets the booze into the blood stream more quickly than the usual method. Your butt is your portal to instant intoxication. Don't try it at home.]

And Sayre said this has become a sort of ironic development.

"You used to have to get a straight guy drunk so you could put something up his ass," he noted.

"Now straight guys are putting things up their ass so they'll get drunk!"

It's called skipping the middle man!

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