Bye, Bye Hiro Ballroom!

Bye, Bye Hiro Ballroom!

The last show at the Hiro Ballroom will be on March 31.

My personal fave Bebe Buell will be one of the performers, and it will be a fitting tribute to late club owner and mentor Don Hill.

I had so many amazing nights at that place -- at 88 Ninth Avenue, near 17th Street, at the Maritime Hotel -- whether we're talking concerts, Nights of 1,000 Jackies, Sunday gay nights, or Paper magazine events (including performances by Beth Ditto and tons of others).

And now it's turning into a giant Tao!

Hiro and the adjacent Matsuri restaurant (which was faboo) are both being leveled by new owners and going the Tao route.

Things change.

Memories remain.

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