Calling All: Death Drivers

Every week—usually Wednesday, but today she starts on Thursday to "mix it up"—Eye will post a TV casting call that is creepy.

This week: The Sweet Accident Waiting to Happen

TLC now Casting "You Drive Me Crazy" Company: TLC/ Discovery Contact: State: CA Posted On: Dec 20, 06  Expires On: Jan 20, 07  


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New Show for TLC: “YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY”. We are looking for America’s drivers (worst and "best")! And yes, it is going to be a riot...

Are you driving your spouse crazy with your driving?? Is your boss about to fire you because your driving is soooo bad? Are you about to break up with your boyfriend because he can not drive right???? We need bad drivers- Are you a great driver but scare people? Do you speed through lights and freak out your boyfriend/ girlfriend? Make the last exit at the last minute and drive your father crazy? Are you a slow and cautious driver and can't get the deliveries on time? We NEED YOU!! We will teach you how to drive....

The best part... You will take lessons from the best precision drivers in the country.


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