Casper vs. Space Ghost: Final Throwdown



(Animation World Magazine)


Popularity: Casper: A movie in 1995, and a new TV show, Casper's Scare School. Space Ghost: A brief stint interviewing Jack Black and the Ramones on Adult Swim, then vanished like a..well, you know.

Appearance: Casper: Claims he doesn't want to scare kids away—but according to Eye's roommate, resembles a giant sperm. Space Ghost: Ghostest with the mostest. Clearly firming up his tight ghost bod when he's not playing with his stupid power bands.

Age: Casper: First emerged from the cemetary in 1945. Looks like a kid, but is actually 61. Space Ghost: A sprightly 40.

Outcome: Casper has a fighting chance, but only because he's more transparent and Space Ghost will feel bad about punching a girl. Then Wendy will come along and waste his ass.

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