Catwoman Tells You How To Have Great Taste In Clothes

Julie Newmar was the original Catwoman on Batman (I hope she gives lessons to Anne Hathaway) and has had a prodigious life of creating and learning.

And in her new book, The Conscious Catwoman, Julie shares some of that, telling you things like just how to know what to wear each day.

As she writes:

"Stand before a well-lit mirror having outdoor light.

"Choose the one thing you want to wear that day, even if it's your comfortable shoes.

"Have all your other choices ready to hold up in front of the mirror.

"Now...the trick is to half close your eyes as you look (fewer distractions that way).

"Get your gut feeling of good, better, or best, that the mirror will tell you.

"Or use my sound test of grunts or ah-hahs.

"Guttural sounds are an excellent rating system..."

Well, I just put on my Catwoman suit--along with my comfortable shoes--and I must say I look fabulous, so that's what it'll be today.

Thank you, Julie!


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