Chef Shane Coffey Leaving Alias

by Richard Bailey

Shane Coffey, who came to Alias in November of 2003 and took over the kitchen at the end of the following summer, is leaving the restaurant and the city to run the kitchen at an Aspen restaurant called Lulu Wilson. "The hardest part," he told us "is leaving New York."

There is a short-list of possible successors--and more than one of those are 71 Clinton Fresh Food alums. A few of Coffey's dishes will stay for sure, but ultimately it will be up to the new chef how drastically the menu changes. The seasonal, unfussy style will stay.

We recommend getting there before the end of April, while Coffey's still in the kitchen. Order the chive potato dumplings with pesto, string beans, spring garlic, balsamic, and cayenne.

Alias 76 Clinton Street (212) 505-5011

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