Cher Says "Stop The Chaz Abuse!"

To all the idiots who are mocking the choice of Chaz Bono as a celebrity on Dancing With the Stars, fierce mama Cher has one thing to say:

"Snap out of it!"

I agree. Just shut up, y'all.

But I have a message to the show itself.

Thank you for including a transgender person.

That's a great way to expand your previous limitations.

Of course Chaz will dance with a woman, which will make that a straight couple.

So how about next time going for a same-sex couple?

Wasn't there talk of Portia de Rossi dancing with a lady? (Ellen would be a pretty decent choice, no?)

Hey, how about even having two men dance!

I said that two Gay Pride parades ago, when you had a float celebrating queer rights.

I'm still waiting.

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