Cheyenne Jackson As An Adult Film Star

Photo by Matt Hoyle
Photo by Matt Hoyle

No, he's not dressed for the Spartacus party in Fire Island.

He's dolled up for his part as Mandrew, a hot new porn star, in Broadway's upcoming play The Performers.

In the play, tabloid journalist Lee (Daniel Breaker) has come to Las Vegas--home of the Adult Film Awards--to interview his high school friend Mandrew.

According to the release:

"Lee's fiance Sara (Alicia Silverstone) enlists Mandrew's wife Peeps (Ari Graynor)--also an adult film star--to compare notes on intimacy and the fear of commitment.

"Awards, sequins, and Barry Manilow converge, as everyone tries to navigate the ins, outs, ups, and downs of relationships."

In steps the ominously named Chuck Wood (Henry WInkler)--"the hardest working man in the business"--to shake everyone up with the play's moral, something about size and love.

While I sit here and wonder what Barry Manilow has to do with this (aside from the obvious), let me just say that navigating the ins and outs with these people sounds much sexier than, say, Mamma Mia.

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