Chris Brown Goes Into a Violent Rage!

TMZ has the story that Chris Brown, who's on probation for the felony beating of Rihanna, is up to his old tricks, though at least it's just objects that he's beating now.

Here's what went down:

On this morning's Good Morning America, Robin Roberts kept asking Chris about the Rihanna situation.

Brown, of course, wanted to talk more about his album.

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Brown freaked out, but waited till after the interview for the real rage to explode out of his nostrils.

He stormed into his dressing room and started yelping at such a volume that security was called.

A window was broken, apparently with a chair, and shards fell onto the street.

And the grand star stormed out before his scheduled Web interview, pissed that stubborn people just won't move on from his past fury.

Maybe because it's still there?

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