Cooking With Semen!

Cooking With Semen!

Tired of just guzzling semen a la carte? (Disclaimer: This type of thing is not recommended at home--or anywhere.) Then run to your kitchen and whip up some haute cusine with the jizz and some other delightful seasonings! After all, semen is inexpensive (in fact, it's usually free) and it's even richer with protein than a chocolate milkshake with nuts on the side.

And imagine how delightful a crepe with cottage cheese, sugar, and some spooge would be!

I sense that you're not even listening because you're already too busy pulling out your dick and the Cuisinart. Well, read this link first as a helpful recipe guide. It alerts you to a book that tells just what to do with your buckets of cum and your bottle of Mrs. Dash. Just don't go overboard on these viscous delights or you'll turn into a sperm whale, ha ha!

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