Crafters of the World Unite!

Tomorrow marks the physical opening of Etsy, the online crafting phenomenon that's turned individuals' DIY designs into hot, tradable commodities. Imagine vintage plastic lamb necklaces, "ribbit ribbit froggy Mary Jane slippers," "wallets made of duct tape," or camouflage dresses and you've only peeked into the inventiveness of this site.

According to company, the Brooklyn location will be:

A cross between a community center, a school, a store, an artist's studio, and an in-house production facility, the Etsy labs will provide a place for artisans, who have been influential in the DIY resurgence, to connect and share their crafting skills.

This fusion of all things craft-related hopefully will allow them to sustain their "eBay-style community of crafters" beyond a virtual reality. After all, it's hard to imagine paying New York rent on the exclusive exchange of "geekery" items.

Etsy 325 Gold Street, 6th Floor Brooklyn, New York

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