Crocodile Hunter Toy Line On March 15, Wild Republic toy manufacturers will launch the Steve Irwin Wildlife Adventure Series, a 38-piece line of toys that looks to include many of the same animals that Steve Irwin discussed on his show Crocodile Hunter.
(Admittedly, the stuffed animals are pretty cute: the stuffed dingo, the cockatoo, the baby cheetah.) A "portion of the proceeds" are to go to the animal conservation programs at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, but we're always skeptical of the phrase "a portion," particular when the ad postcard we just received in the mail from them is so very subtle: "Wild Republic helps continue Steve Irwin's legacy! We're unveiling some of our hottest products ever!" The Steve Irwin Talking Action Figure says 10 phrases, and is naturally quite familiar with the word "Crikey."

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