David Geffen Wants Nothing to Do With Joey Stefano Movie

Joey Stefano was a hot and naughty-looking (but rather sweet) porn star who made heads and other things swivel whenever he entered a room.

Joey did illustrious work in films like Tijuana Toilet Tramps and onstage he was known to gracefully put beer bottles up his butt by way of entertainment. ("Heinie-kins," I wittily dubbed them).

He had no filter -- or self-consciousness -- and made his antics seem so not dirty that he became irresistible to men of all social stations.

So it wasn't completely shocking when -- during a Florent dinner I happened to be at in 1990 -- Joey said on camera to cable guy Rick X that gay mogul David Geffen was a client.

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Well, Joey -- who died of a drug overdose in 1994 -- is heading to the big screen thanks to Chad Darnell, the casting agent who's written a thoroughly researched indie-film screenplay about him.

And Darnell contacted Geffen to ask if he wanted to be involved, writing the mogul a long, carefully worded email so as not to offend.

Geffen immediately shot back:

"We met at a party once. We were not good friends. Good luck with your project."

Ouch. Case closed -- even more so than my buttocks whenever someone approaches with a six-pack of Buds.

"So no Geffen character in the movie?" I asked Darnell when I ran into him the other day.

"There'll be a composite character," he advised.

Fine with me. And by the way, I want Hailee Steinfeld to play me in the dinner scene.

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