"Do You Like to Be Dominated?"

Now that I've got your attention, let me start at the beginning.

A guy started chatting me up at a gay bar the other day.

It was a perfectly pleasant exchange -- a nice diversion from the oppression of the stuck-up cliques that permeate the place.

And then things got more personal.

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Suddenly he leaned into me for a kiss that lasted for about 90 minutes.

That was fun, and when he finally paused for breath, I listened extra carefully to the utterance he was about to emit.

"Do you like to be dominated?" he asked.

Huh??? Say what???

"No," I replied, with certainty.

"Oh, that's the answer I wanted to hear," he replied, with a nervous laugh.

But I don't think it was what he wanted to hear!

After all, in the next 90 minutes of making out, he would lapse into some light choking/squeezing/ordering that was a little too forceful for a first date.

I was horrified. After all, I may project passivity, but deep down, I've got a steel will equal to Eva Peron's.

Rather than wake up chained to my bed, with hot pokers in my ears, I left him at the bar -- but I can always give him a call and try to turn the tables.

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