Does Saying "LOL" Excuse Everything?

It's long been a cliché to add "LOL" to any comment just to take the sting out of it and make it seem hilarious.

I always throw it in at the end of a text or email, no matter what horror has preceded it.

But does it really work for everything?

Does "lol" magically erase any hostility?

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Let's try out these potential messages of mirth:

"I'm leaving you for the houseboy, but I don't think it will negatively impact your love life, lol."

"You were so bad in bed last night I'm afraid I may never get an erection again, lol."

"That was super fun last night, but if I were you, I'd get tested, lol."

"I know you wanted that baby a lot, but it would have messed up our feng shui. Sorry, lol!"

"Have to relieve you of your employment duties, but at least you'll be entering a really strong marketplace, lol."

"Your mother sucks cocks in hell, lol."

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