Don't Vote For McCain: Vote For Me!

No, I'm not up for President—though feel free to write me in in crayon this November—but I HAVE been nominated for one of the Glammy Awards, the annual clubbie honors organized by drag diva Cherry Jubilee! My category is Best Writer/Blogger, which you can find at the very end of the attached link of nominees. (Yes, it's that special.) And while just the nomination itself is honor enough, if I don't actually win the thing, I will start kicking homeless people and biting the heads off chickens.

So here's where you come in, kittens. If you're a bonafide club worker—you know, bartender, drag queen, valet toilet attendant—kindly cut and paste the whole list and send your choices to Cherry at, while explaining what exactly you do in the clubs besides beg for free drinks. I don't give a shit who you vote for in the other categories, but in mine, make sure you circle cruddy old Miss Musto or I'll come at you with a buzzsaw and some battery acid!

Vote here.

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