Ed Koch Appears in Gay Film!

Ed Koch Appears in Gay Film!

Making The Boys -- opening today -- is Crayton Robey's documentary peering behind Mart Crowley's legendary 1968 play The Boys in the Band and its impact in bringing the world out of the closet in terms of gay life.

I'm one of the film's chattering experts, along with Paul Rudnick, Michael Cunningham, Edward Albee, and tons of other literate menfolk.

And in the middle of it all, up pops ex-mayor Ed Koch!

Ed only appears briefly, mentioning that the Stonewall rebellion changed the world's perception of gays.

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But Robey told me that Koch -- once he agreed to give the interview -- talked a lot, saying he was instrumental in helping the early gay movement.

He was? I'm learning so much about Ed!

Next I'd like to hear about how he made the boys.

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