"Energy Pizza" Comes to Murray Hill!

Does your regular pizza make you feel too rundown and lackadaisical?

Are you longing for a slice that'll make you antsier than a six-pack of Red Bulls would?

Then go to rev'd up (451 Third Avenue at 31st Street), where they generously hand you a packet of stuff to sprinkle on your pizza and "energize" it.

Is it coke? No, this is a healthy place -- and, in fact, the food is organic, with lower calories, fat, and sodium than usual.

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The energy packet happens to include coffee extract and Vitamin B12, and by your last bite, I guarantee you'll be jumping behind the counter and spinning dough like a dreidl.

And that's not your only option at this palace of Italian reinvention.

You can also "vitalize" your pizza with a packet of antioxidants or "slenderize" it with a dietary supplement.

I'll just stick to "extra cheese-rcising."

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