Ernest Borgnine's Last Film

Ernest Borgnine's Last Film

Oscar winner Ernie Borgnine (Marty) always brought heapings of zest to his roles, even when the film involved was absurd neo-drek like the generation-gap satire Bunny O'Hare, so I usually seek out his twinkle, despite his appalling views on gays.

(How's that for complicated feelings?)

Well, his last film--The Man Who Shook The Hand of Vicente Fernandez--is available April 30th on DVD/Blu-ray and May 14 on VOD.

Get this: "Ernest Borgnine delivers a memorable final performance as a retired radio DJ who has always dreamed of being a Western movie cowboy star. While recovering from a back injury at a Latino-staffed nursing home, he finally has an opportunity to act out his dreams of being a hero."

I love a comedy-slash-fantasy set in a nursing home, and though I'd rather have shaken the hand of Vincente Minnelli, this could maybe possibly sort of be a hoot and a half. Besides, it's the last chance to see Ernie in anything.

So check out the trailer and see if he still had the magic.

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