Ever Find Yourself With a Valuable Collectible?

While uncluttering the house one day, I found a Michael Jackson chocolate bar -- dark chocolate, mind you -- on a shelf, though I have no idea where I'd originally attained it.

Must be the Jesus juice.

Wherever the thing came from, this discovery had me moonwalking for joy, and I assumed I could start a feverish bidding war over it and pay off my mortgage.

But I looked into the matter and it turned out the value of the bar would barely cover the cost of sending it to a buyer! So I ate it.

Similarly, I recently found my cherished, old single of the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand"/"I Saw Her Standing There" in its original printing.

I was certain I had won the rock-and-roll lottery and could soon enough move into three mansions in Dubai -- until a kitsch-broker told me it wasn't even worth him taking it on spec!

Oy. So many collectibles turn out to only collect dust.

Have you ever had better luck than I have? Ever realize you had a piece of pop culture that could way enhance your lifestyle if you only got rid of it?


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