Ever Have a Crush on a Cartoon Character?

Ever Have a Crush on a Cartoon Character?

I'm stealing this one from datalounge.com and they'll just have to sue about it, but anyway: Have you ever fallen in love with a cartoon figure? Ever want to fondle Wilma Flintstone, fist Casper the friendly ghost, rim Krusty the Clown, or stick your stuff between Cartman's double chins? Ever want to do 69 with Gumby or fuck Mr. Magoo so hard his glasses pop off? I can't answer this one because I'm currently in a monogamous relationship with Rosie, the maid from The Jetsons, but I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts. So, spill, people: Ever dream of intercourse--or even just hand holding--with a creature drawn by hand (or computer)?

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